We put all our passion and creativity in every project


Real Estate Consulting

At Impar Grupo we are conscious of how quickly changes occur in today’s market, which is why we provide strategic consulting services that suits the needs of each client/project.

  • Agency
  • Management
  • Tenant Rep
  • Expansion
  • Project feasibility
  • Asset Management
  • Commercialization
  • Marketing plans

Real Estate Investment

How we invest

We provide our clients with the possibility to access real estate projects by directly enabling them to obtain attractive and direct returns, as clients are ultimately the ones assuming the risk.

Depending on the investor’s profile, we offer the chance to engage in the promotion of specific real estate projects or participate in return sharing of investment products.

The return goal in Real Estate projects will always be higher than 20% on the concerned business.  In case of return investment products, we invest in commercial units on main axesenabling an annual return of at least 5%.

All the assets in our portfolio go through a thorough assessment before being proposed.  This process is divided into three stages:

  • Market study of the location.
  • Technical product study.
  • Financial analysis on the transaction.

Architecture + Management

We address highly ambitious projects in all fieldsof Architecture.  We have invested in a large number of historical residential buildings of Madrid such as Barquillo 49 or Francisco de Rojas 2, as well as in major chain hotels including Six Senses or Radisson, and large retailspaces such as Sambil Outlet or the transformation of all retailand restaurant areas of Madrid Barajas Airport.


We provide solutions ranging from the conceptualization with a creative vision up to the commissioning of the concerned project:

  • Concepts
  • Develop of preliminary projects and basic and execution plans
  • Drafting of activity and operation projects
  • Drafting of urban planning projects, partial plans, and special plans
  • Value engineering
  • Project management
  • Previous surveys and assessments
  • Safety and health coordination


We plan, manage and control all technical and financial aspects during the project:

  • License and permit management
  • All-through process planning
  • Regular progress report
  • Development of tender processes
  • Risk detection and management
  • Coordination between architecture, engineering and construction areas
  • Commercialization assistance
  • Cost control and cash flow
  • Post-construction management support