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West Madrid

9 Multipurpose Warehouses in an ideal location

Calle Carabaña, 64. Alcorcón, Madrid.

West Madrid, this new project consists of nine warehouses. Each warehouse has three floors, plus an underground parking, common to all of them. The characteristic use of the building is industrial. As compatible uses are those contemplated in the conditions established by the ordinance, among which are those of offices and private facilities intended for the service the main activity.

The distribution of the warehouses is: The ground floor with direct access to the street could be used for logistics and storage.

The first floor for executive spaces and meeting rooms and the second floor for a large open space for workstations with a multipurpose uses.

The underground car park serves all warehouses.

The wood-effect flooring on the first floor and the large windows that allow light to enter and open views of the landscape, are a good place to locate the executive spaces. From the first floor, thanks to the glass divisions, you have visual access to the logistics floor and the communication staircase with the second floor.

The perfect multipurpose  space …

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