I mpar Estudio represents the Group’s Architecture division; with over 25 architects, this division combines experience, talent and design to provide our clients with a comprehensive solution from product conceptualization with a creative perspective to the project’s kick-off.

We are committed to innovation when it comes to architecture, helping design the cities of the future.

Over the last few years we have been involved in the refurbishment and transformation of unique spaces and buildings, guides by the idea of adding value to these properties. In our capacity as residential & retail architecture specialists, we strongly believe that architectural design is the most important thing when it comes to accomplishing this goal, without losing sight of functionality and convenience.

We strongly believe that architectural design is the cornerstone for the transformation and revaluation of any real estate.

We specialize in:


We relate to Architecture on a daily basis, starting from our own homes.
We carry out projects to live in, supervised through the last detail. We also contribute with our interior design projects, which are based on a high concept serving as connecting thread for the entire project. A client-oriented approach that combines creativity and quality.
Our experience in the refurbishment of residential spaces has allowed us to become building transformation specialists. All this entails a thrilling challenge, both technically and design-wise, and has enabled us to work with and recover some of Madrid’s most iconic buildings, such as Casa de Tócame Roque located at Barquillo 49, Príncipe de Vergara 11, Recoletos 13, Lagasca 19, Barquillo 19, and Toledo 123. Our serious and rigorous work, based on the respect for both the building and its surroundings and on the pursuit of groundbreaking solutions, has made us become a benchmark firm in this industry.


Retail sector is evolving faster than any other industry. Consumers are increasingly demanding and are looking for integral experiences turning their spaces into landscapes for social interaction.
At Impar Estudio we are looking for new ways to relate consumers to these spaces. A thorough assessment process enables us to define the best possible mechanism to adjust to our clients’ identity in order to provide a unique meeting space, thereby creating new consumer experiences. Some of these enriching experiences, such as the Sambil Outlet Shopping Mall project in Madrid, have allowed us to develop in this highly competitive industry.

I mpar Management

represents our Project & Construction Management division. Our goal is to create a strategic position thanks to our own groundbreaking working method that relies on experience, interdisciplinary approach, and coworking.

Project Management

Impar Management plans, manages and controls all technical and financial aspects in all stages of the project. As a result of our experience managing works on an estimate of over 50 million Euros and expertise in unique buildings, we are able to provide the technical assistance our clients need to ensure the success of every project.

  • Feasibility studies
  • Technical team selection
  • Project development
  • Works procurement
  • Construction follow-up
  • Cost estimation and control
  • Facilities commissioning
  • Deactivation and final handover
  • Real estate development management
  • Time & costs planning
  • Project control
  • License and permit management
  • Construction offer management
  • Cost control

In order to reach success in architecture and construction projects, a qualified team of Project Managers & Construction Managers is necessary to control and ensure that the project is carried out exactly as planned, while also adopt any necessary measures in case of risk in a timely manner.

We become your partner to help you execute your project in terms of price, time and form.


We provide the opportunity to control the financial outlay through periodical certifications and regular verification of invoice allocations. Our detailed monthly reports contain an assessment on the timeframe status and the quality in light of the works development, which allow us to identify and anticipate risks.

  • Monthly reports on the development status
  • Disbursement approval
  • Monthly certifications report
  • Construction quality control
  • Works planning control
  • Licenses and permits control
  • Final status reports

I mpar Desarrollos y Construcciones represents the Construction Projects division of Grupo Impar. We believe in responsible construction, committed to sustainable development and adjusted to deadlines and budget control. We provide a top-quality professional service, based on an efficient organization and dynamic and entrepreneurial management which guarantees ultimate success, and supervised by an experienced and innovative technical team.